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  • All the Saints - Fire On Corridor X from Fire On Corridor X (Audio File 5.6mb)
  • All the Saints - Sheffield from Fire On Corridor X (Audio File 5.2mb)
  • Calexico - Two Silver Trees from Carried To Dust (Audio File 7.0mb)
  • Crystal Antlers - A Thousand Eyes from Crystal Antlers EP (Audio File 12.2mb)
  • Crystal Antlers - Andrew from Tentacles (Audio File 6.6mb)
  • Dead Child - Screaming Skull from Attack (Audio File 3.1mb)
  • Dead Child - Sweet Chariot from Attack (Audio File 3.9mb)
  • Mi Ami - New Guitar from Watersports (Audio File 9.4mb)
  • Pinback - Good To Sea from Autumn of the Seraphs (Audio File 4.4mb)
  • Sholi - Tourniquet from Sholi (Audio File 5.1mb)
  • The New Year - X Off Days from The New Year (Audio File 3.8mb)
  • The Uglysuit - ...And We Became Sunshine from The Uglysuit (Audio File 10.1mb)
  • The Uglysuit - Chicago from The Uglysuit (Audio File 4.5mb)
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